Screaming Trumpet Pro

The ultimate trumpet sample library for professional music composers. Screaming Trumpet Pro, featuring Hollywood's most in-demand studio trumpet player Wayne Bergeron, contains everything in the original Screaming Trumpet sample library plus much more. This highly versatile library is unique in its inclusion of upper-register samples played by one of the best lead and solo trumpet players in the business. The recordings are pristine in quality and extensive in terms of articulations. Each note was individually sampled to achieve maximum realism. The samples were recorded at 96 KHz/24-bit stereo, and converted to 48 KHz/24-bit mono. This multi-format library supports Kontakt Versions 3 and 4, Logic EXS24, Reason NN-XT, and native WAV formats.

Features at a Glance

  • Various key-switch and velocity-switch patches
  • True legato patch for sustains
  • 20 different release trigger types (for trumpet)
  • A choice of instrument combinations and/or individual patches
  • Various round robin staccato patches
  • SIPS simulated legato and vibrato scripting
  • Three-part stereo ensemble patches for all articulations


  • Trumpet: 6,629 samples, 301 patches, 1.92 GB
  • Cup Mute: 2,820 samples, 140 patches, 822.9 MB
  • Straight Mute: 2,872 samples, 140 patches, 802.8 MB
  • Harmon Mute: 2,876 samples, 140 patches, 811.8 MB
  • Plunger: 267 samples, 19 patches, 49.6 MB
  • Harmon-Stem: 259 samples, 19 patches, 48.9 MB
  • Piccolo: 208 samples, 26 patches, 41.5 MB
  • Flugelhorn: 1256 samples, 91 patches, 189.6 MB


List Price: $449
* Upgrade from the original Screaming Trumpet for $200