WarpIV Electric Guitar

The WarpIV Electric Guitar library features lead guitarist Craig Lammers on a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 electric guitar. It was recorded from a direct line in, which is ideal for use with guitar amp plugins such as Native Instrument's Guitar Rig or the built-in cabinets provided by the Kontakt player. This versatile 5 GB library has a gigantic and expressive articulation list that dwarfs other electric guitar libraries. Every possible playing technique is provided. It is light on computer resources, simple to use, intelligent, and very robust. It works with the full Kontakt 5 (not free) player.

The WarpIV Electric Guitar library is the perfect compliment to the WarpIV Electric Bass library. Both use the same key switches for articulations and releases. They can be bought together at a discount bundle price.

Features at a Glance

  • 9,099 individual 24-bit mono samples at 48 KHz
  • 110 unique articulations
  • Nearly 200 samples per note
  • Advanced Kontakt scripting
  • Supports mono and stereo instruments
  • Legato modes for hammer-on/pull-off, slide, pick slide
  • Auto, key switched, and manual note releases
  • Mix solo-legato styles with chords in same instrument
  • Multiple dynamics for realistic expression
  • Round robin repetition for short notes
  • Samples cover the full range of the instrument
  • Available as a download or on a USB thumb drive
  • Easy-to-read users guide
  • Built-in help


List Price: $249