About Us

WarpIV Music Production is a division of WarpIV Technologies, Inc. We are a small software company that specializes in advanced supercomputing technology for United States government programs. In addition, we produce high-end sample libraries for serious composers who demand uncompromised quality and realism.

I launched the Hollywood Studio Brass and Woodwind Collection in 2005 due to industry feedback I received on my own compositions. I needed more convincing samples, especially for the trumpet. None of my trumpet sample libraries had the power, tone, expression, or range necessary to play lead. So, I decided to hire the top jazz and studio musicians in Los Angeles for this collection. Everything was recorded at Studio West, a state-of-the-art studio in San Diego. The original sessions were recorded in stereo on Neumann U87s at 24 bits / 96 KHz in Pro Tools. To preserve quality without wasting memory, the libraries are being released in mono at 24 bits / 48 KHz.

The musicians used for this collection are Wayne Bergeron (Screaming Trumpet, Mellow Flugelhorn), Andy Martin (Legendary Trombone), and Eric Marienthal (Contemporary Woodwinds - Jazz Flute, Jazz Clarinet, and all four Contemporary Saxophones). These artists are amazing soloists and first-call studio musicians. They also play lead in Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, which is the best big band jazz ensemble I've ever heard. That was the sound I was looking for.

We released Screaming Trumpet in 2006 and shifted our focus to the woodwind instruments, which were released in 2008. Meanwhile, we have greatly expanded the original Screaming Trumpet library and created Legendary Trombone to complete the Hollywood Studio Brass Collection (coming summer 2009). I think everyone will be excited when they hear what we've produced. The tone, power, and attitude of these sample libraries is awe-inspiring. It's like having the top studio musicians at your fingertips. - Jeff Steinman

Dr. Jeffrey Steinman
CEO, WarpIV Music Production