WarpIV PRO Woodwind

The WarpIV PRO Woodwind libraries feature world-renowned recording artist Eric Marienthal on soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, flute, and clarinet. These libraries have the right attitude and personality for jazz, pop, and even orchestral film/score musical compositions. You will feel like Eric is right there with you playing in your band. With all-new Kontakt scripting, each of these new robust libraries are identical in terms of how they operate, their extensive set of features, their huge array of articulations, and low CPU overheads. An intuitive key switching system supports ~90 different articulations. Each instrument when fully loaded consumes approximately 260-370 MB of memory in Kontakt.

Features at a Glance

  • Soprano (5,482 samples, 151 groups)
    Alto (6,272 samples, 151 groups)
    Tenor (6,833 samples, 152 groups)
    Baritone (6,011 samples, 151 groups)
    Flute (4,813 samples, 125 groups)
    Clarinet (7,839 samples, 154 groups)
  • 48 KHz 24-bit mono samples recorded with high-end mics
  • Improved tuning, releases, and legato intervals
  • Multiple velocity layers for realistic and expressive dynamics
  • True legato (fast, chromatic, and smooth slide)
  • Simulated legato w/ control over transition speed & portamento
  • Multi-layered round robin staccatos
  • Nine different release triggers (auto and manual modes)
  • Voice shifting creates stereo instruments or selects alternative articulations
  • Control of vibrato speed (specified by time or synced to tempo)
  • Humanization setting to reduce quantization effects
  • Expression keys control voice shifting, simulated legato, vibrato, volume, note off
  • EQ filter brightens/darkens tones as they get louder/softer
  • Natural sounding vibrato using modulation wheel & pitch bend
  • Support for Electronic Wind Instruments including true legato


List Price: $199/instrument, $549/saxophones, $749/full collection